Six-Figure Flipping Building Blueprint
New Construction Master Class

Meet Your Instructor: Tucker Merrihew
Home Builder/Developer & Real Estate Investor
Owner of TTM Development Company in Portland Oregon

Subcontractor Schedule & Our Budget Spreadsheet
I include our Sub Schedule  & a List of the Proper Order of Subs, as well as an actual Budget for a Project we Completed.
Powerpoint & 2 Hour Webinar
I include a copy of my PowerPoint Presentation & Link to my 2+ Hour New Construction Webinar! I discuss all the steps from Dirt to Studs.
Builder Limited Warranty
I include our 1 Year Limited Builder Warranty we give to all our new construction Home-Buyers so you can use it as a template in your own business.
Pictures of New Construction Project from Our Budget
We include Interior & Exterior Completion Photos so you can see what a Finished Project looks like based on the numbers included in the Budget you receive.
Learn How To Build New Construction & Earn Six Figure Profits On Every Project!
Tucker Merrihew has been a Real Estate Investor for close to 15 years and has been Building New Construction Homes for almost 10 years.  He's now graduated to high-end luxury homes and early on, built an award winning home in the 2013 Portland Street Of Dreamswhich won "House Plan Of The Year" by Builder Magazine! Having built in the Street of Dreams put TTM Development Company on the map in the Portland market as a Luxury Home Builder and Tucker never looked back. 

Tucker has since been building luxury homes in the Portland and surrounding areas with prices ranging from $500k up to the mid $2 Million range.

In 2019 Tucker completed his nicest and most expensive project to date with a final sales price of $3.2 Million. This incredible luxury home earned him and his wife the front cover of Oregon Home Magazine's 2019 Winter Issue. It was truly a milestone project for him and his team and one they will continue to build upon.

TTM Development Company has earned many awards over the years on sites like for their creative yet beautiful design and they continue to be featured in many local publications as well. 

Tucker has whats considered a "Hybrid Model" in the real estate space where he's been able to marry being a real estate investor with being a home builder.  Essentially his business has become the best of both worlds where he's able to source deals like an investor while also plucking the very best properties for building high-end new construction.

He will teach you exactly how he does it as well as all the necessary steps it takes to get a project from dirt to studs! 

If you're making the transition over from Real Estate Investor, Rehabber or House Flipper to Home Builder, Tucker is the one you want to learn from. Not only does he build fantastic new construction homes, but he makes learning this side of the business easy with this Master Class. He bridges the gap between rehabber and home builder by only teaching the things that you need to know when going from raw land to a framed home. 

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